3 thoughts on “Winning Tradition Horse Haven Paso Finos

  1. It just don’t get any better than Gascon Horsemanship. This family has forever changed my life and my Horsemanship skills . I am now more confident and ready to tackle things I never would have dreamed I could on horseback. Michael put me back in the saddle during my battle with cancer , he mot only made me believe in myself , he made me fight and set goals which helped me over come stage 3 cancer. There is no limit to what you can learn from this beautiful family . I love them with all my heart and I’m so excited for my future in the sh ow ring and in the trails . Love you Michael , Brooke , Cindi , and handsome Jamie. My second family is Horse Haven !!!!

    1. Thank you Michelle! You are a constant source of inspiration to Team Gascon!! We are so proud to have you in our family.

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