German Town Charity Horse Show and Horse Haven Paso Finos 2017

Horse Haven Paso Finos at Germantown Charity Horse Show

Paso Fino Horses Head to Germantown TN.

Well its that time of year again. The Magnolias are in full bloom, the Mares have for the most part, delivered their foals, and The Germantown Charity Horse Show is about to Commence!

Paso Fino Stallion from Poplarville Ms BaBaLu3X Champion of the Gchs!
Paso Fino Stallion from Poplarville Ms BaBaLu 3X Champion of the Gchs!

Paso FIno Stallion BaBalu from Poplarville, Md Horse Haven Paso Fino. 3x gchs champion

Germantown Charity Horse Show

is in its 69th amazing year this summer. Paso Fino horses were added to the show program in 2013 and the response of the crowd to the little gaited Paso Fino horses from Columbia and Puerto Rico has been truly humbling.  From the first day we gaited into the ring, we were greeted by an arena filled to the brim with spectators, many of whom had never seen a Paso Fino before.

They cheered us, they clapped for us, They welcomed us with open arms! We were different……. but we were all the same. Equestrians with a love of horses imprinted in our DNA.

We all enjoy seeing a well trained horse execute his job with style and precision.  This is dream that powers the passions of everyone present.

Enjoy this video explaining the history and and charity of the German Town Charity Horse Show.

Germantown Charity Horse Show is one of the events Horse Haven Paso Fino Staff look forward to all year! Between the Ice cream Socials and the Lemonade served every afternoon by the queen and her court, the GCHS is an eagerly awaited reprieve from the Dog days of southern summer!


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