Join us to learn The SECRET OF HORSES Osteen Fla Jan 13 & 14 2018

Gascon Horsemanship clinic Osteen Florida

Beyond Natural Horsemanship

Join us in sunny WARM Osteen Florida to learn the secret Language of horses.

Michael Gascon The Horse Guru

MG is a World famous trainer, Champion Colt starter, Viral Video Sensation and so much more. He Has Won Countless Grand National titles and world championship titles on his home bred, home trained horses. He is the Star of the Amazing New Horse TV show THE HORSE GURU as well as having trained and provided horses to L.A. Studios for the Movie industry. He is also preparing to ride in the Mongol Derby…… all I can say is LOL check THAT out!!

Bring us your projects, your Rogues and Your Rascals

Michael Specializes in training the “untrainable” riding the “unridable” and Starting the “unstartable”. He can show you how to have crystal clear communication with any horse, which is the basis for all higher level education of both horses AND humans.

ANY horsey issue you are struggling with we can help.


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