God Bless America!!

The Gascon family and Horse Haven Paso Fino Ranch is proud to live and work in the greatest country on earth. A country where one family, working together with a common dream can move mountains. We have been blessed in our lives with fantastic kids, Amazing clients, Some truly outstanding horses, and the health, knowledge, and work ethic, to live the dream.

We are forever grateful to family friends and clients who have helped us and continue to support our mission! You know we love all y’all and couldn’t do what we do without you.

I’d love to take this first post to introduce our team.


First is our Patriarch  of the Gascon family Jaime Gascon:

Jaime is a Master Paso Fino trainer who grew up Learning Dressage in Spain with the families Andalusian show string.  Mr. Jaime brings 4 generations of Pro horse knowledge with a specialty in Animal Behavior. After serving in the USMC and on The Poplarville Police force as a Canine Peace Officer, Mr. Jaime decided to devote his full attentions to the families own businesses including PSD Kennels and Academy the families Police Service Dog training facility, Horse Haven Paso Finos and Gascon Horsemanship Academy.


Next is our Khaleesi of Team Gascon

Cindi Gascon:

What can you say about the CEO of Gascon Inc….. without MS Cindi the trains definitely do not run on time! Cindi is a 3rd Generation Pro Horsewoman.

One of the youngest women in history to win Quarter horse congress, she was a very successful Pro Barrel racer and also won many titles and championships…

showing her families home bred Quarter horses. She has had great success showing the Families Paso Fino horses as well. Ms. Cindi is a pedigree expert on both Paso Finos and Quarter Horses and has a photographic memory for horses and their pedigrees. She is also an amazing barn manager with an encyclopedic knowledge of  equine training, feeding, emergency vet care and overall equine management.


Next is daughter/Sister Brooke Gascon:

Brooke grew up on the families sprawling Southern Mississippi Paso Fino Horse Ranch, barrel racing and training and showing Paso Fino horses. One of Brooks Favorite things to do is combine her love for the Paso Fino and her love for barrel racing. She is currently the US Grand National Champion Barrel Racer with her Paso Fino gelding. In addition to winning countless regional shows she  also won the Grand National Championship for Pleasure Stallion last season. Brooke is a Registered Nurse who loves to teach kids to ride the Paso Fino and how to be safe when working with horses. She is also an excellent barn manager with a extensive knowledge of equine Vet Procedures and Emergency vet care.


And finally Son/ Brother Michael Gascon:

Michael Gascon needs no introduction to most Paso Fino horse  People. He is a the Number 1 Gaited Horse Trainer in the world today. Famous as a Professional horse trainer, exhibitor, Horsemanship Clinician with world wide tour dates, Champion Colt starter, Owner Of the Gascon Academy,  Producer and star of many Viral Videos, and overall lovable character. MG stays busy teaching other people horsemanship and showing them how to have Crystal Clear Communications with any horse.

Come on down to Horse Haven Paso Fino Ranch

in Poplarville Ms. Meet the Famous Gascon Family and find out why Poplarville Mississippi really IS the center of the Horsey Universe! Allow us to share the smoothest riding horse on earth. We can’t wait to meet you! Horse Haven has Plenty of room in the Barn, Hotel, and  Bungalows, so make plans to head our way soon!

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