The Gascon retreat

It’s easy for me to give a review on this family I have grown yo love and respect . I met the Gascon family at a time the good Lord must have seen how much I needed hope. I met them after being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

I first attended their retreat after completing my chemotherapy. Lucky for me it was just me , Michael and the Gascon family there . I spent 10 wonderful days with that family , some of the best cooking , hard working , well educated equestrians you could ever hope to meet.

I didn’t know at that time how much inspiration and fulfillment they would bring into my life but 2 years later I can tell you , I don’t know how I would have gotten through that low point in my life without them . I’ve been on horses and in the show ring since I was 6 years old . You would have thought I was an expert , only through the training at Gascon Horsemanship could I see how many holes in my Horsemanship there were . Michael , Brooke , Jamie , and Mr s Cindi bring a wealth of knowledge to the table , I learned more in 10 days than in the 35 years I’ve been in horses. Everything from how to tie the horse , how to prepare your horse for riding to secrets on how to make it easier to get in the saddle , how to make your horse want to stand still , how to make your horse trust your leadership , what to feed your horse to get a nice shinny coat , what products to groom with , you name it I learned it .

This family take such good care of their horses it makes me want to do everything just like they do . They have the best farrier , the best vet , the most hospitable place , the best food ( Mr s . Cindi the bomb . Com ) , they are very contagious so if you don’t want to learn and grow as a person don’t go there . My whole life has changed and continues to change because of this family. I go to every clinic , every retreat I can because I always come back home with new knowledge and yes usually some of their new tack to lol.

The prices are more than fair for what you get out of it , I’ve never been hungry , thirsty , never had a headache or complaint anytime I’ve ever been there because if I did , it was taken care of immediately.

I enjoy Michael’s clinics and retreats so much that I’ve made it an annual event here at my farm in Georgia. My next Michael Gascon clinic at my farm is March 17th and 18th 2018 . I’ve had people asking me constantly from the last clinic I had when is he coming back so I planned ahead . He has 2 of my horses in training with him right now I can’t wait to see the results . I advise anyone on the fence to give them a try , they get 5 stars from me , the facility , the barn , the stalls , the food , the host , the trainer , the family is top notch .

You can’t go on any vacation and spend less walking away with more fulfillment and horse knowledge than you can with the Gascons. I’m very fortunate to have them in my life , I continue to grow not just with my horses but with my confidence in the saddle and in life . You would spend more money taking private lessons and not remembering anything than you would going to their retreat and learning from the ground up with a bellyful of food , new friends , lots of laughs , smiles , and most importantly support .

Much love and respect Michelle Morton