Hurricane Harvey Hero gets his colt started right!

Michael Gascon Helps a Hurricane Harvey Hero get his colt off to a great start!

I wanted to show you a video from the past week giving a quarter horse colt his first ride. It’s special to me because I got to start this horse for a real life hero. He was on the crew dubbed “Hurricane Cowboys” because he and his friends were there in Texas immediately after Harvey rescuing livestock and pets from raging chest high waters.

He heard a tall tale about a guy…..

who allegedly could start and ride a unbroken horse in a day.  In disbelief he brought his colt to our Gascon Horsemanship clinic. He had such little faith he didn’t even bring his saddle on day one. Not only were we able to give a solid start to his horse and ride him, but he was also able to ride him on day one! If that were not enough, Our Harvey Hero learned the tools necessary to work the colt by himself on day two, with no bucking and no problems. This awesome young colt’s future couldn’t be brighter AND he couldn’t belong to a nicer guy.

Kudos for being a modern day hero and a hurricane cowboy!

I wish you nothing but the best with your newly saddled noble steed!

What are your hopes and dreams for that fantastic colt or filly that is standing out in your pasture right now?
What are some of your favorite tips and techniques doe starting your own colts?

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