Equine Graduation day Oscar and Mary Catherine

Gascon Horsemanship Horse Traditions

Horse training here at Gascon Horsemanship is a sacred trust. From the early days if the Spanish Riding Academy, My forefathers have undertaken the starting and saddle training of young colts and fillies for other people. The Gascon Family has trained Horses for Kings and tribesman alike. in 400 years as I’m sure you can imagine, we’ve learned to work with the horse more efficiently. We’ve Learned the secret Language of horses.

Congratulations Oscar!

Want to give a big congratulations to a Mary Catherine and her noble steed Oscar her 4 yr old western pleasure colt. When they came to us he had no manners or respect for people’s space and couldn’t lope off without bucking.

Oscar is now a dependable respectful willing partner

Today when she came to our ranch Horse Haven Paso Finos in Poplarville Ms to pick him up, he was a proper gentleman. Together they looked like a duo ready for a show! Oscar Did everything we asked of him and more. I’m SO proud to see that guy turn into the Mary Catherine’s Dream horse. Good luck can’t wait to see you holding that blue ribbon!


Thank you Mary Catherine for allowing us the Honor and the Privilege of training your beloved Horse Oscar.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve both you and Oscar and look forward to great things from the pair of you in the future.

Gascon Horsemanship academy Horse Training
Gascon Horsemanship academy Horse Training

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