Warmblood Colt Starting by Champion Colt starter Michael Gascon

Warm-blood Colts started right!

Michael Gascon Of GasconHorsemanship.com has been doing some amazing work with starting these big athletic warm-blood colts.

Gascon Horsemanship believes that the first 60 days under saddle sets the tone for the horses entire lifetime. During that time your colt should learn to become a willing forward thinking PARTNER OR…….he does not. This critical time sets your horse up for a lifetime of success and joyful partnership as long as it is done correctly. This is the way we start all of our colts warm-blood or otherwise here at Gascon Horsemanship.

We have 3 stalls open #NoColtLeftBehind!

If you have a young horse that is in need of a great start give us a call.  Our Home farm is Horse Haven Paso Finos Our Mission is helping people enjoy their horses safely. A correctly started colt or filly is a welcome addition to any program any where any time! Let us set your colts hoofs on the road to success!



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