Join us to learn The SECRET OF HORSES Osteen Fla Jan 13 & 14 2018

Gascon Horsemanship clinic Osteen Florida

Beyond Natural Horsemanship Join us in sunny WARM Osteen Florida to learn the secret Language of horses. Michael Gascon The Horse Guru MG is a World famous trainer, Champion Colt starter, Viral Video Sensation and so much more. He Has Won Countless Grand National titles and world championship titles on his home bred, home trained … Continue reading Join us to learn The SECRET OF HORSES Osteen Fla Jan 13 & 14 2018

Horse Haven Paso Finos at Grand Nationals Perry Georgia

Awesome nationals!! Everyone is having fun reconnecting with horsey friends.  Horse Haven Paso Fino  horses doing well.  Everyone's having a Grand ol'  Time in Perry Georgia! Grand National Champion Bella Forma (halter) Stallion  Sockabo de Torres

Free Horse Training Q&A 

Michael Gascon the owner of Gascon Horsemanship Academy is giving a little love to his equine tribe tonight at 6pm Central US time. Michael will be providing a free Question and Answer session to share his experience and help you solve your toughest horse training issues problems and challenges all free of charge! As a … Continue reading Free Horse Training Q&A 

Equine Graduation day Oscar and Mary Catherine

Gascon Horsemanship Horse Traditions Horse training here at Gascon Horsemanship is a sacred trust. From the early days if the Spanish Riding Academy, My forefathers have undertaken the starting and saddle training of young colts and fillies for other people. The Gascon Family has trained Horses for Kings and tribesman alike. in 400 years as … Continue reading Equine Graduation day Oscar and Mary Catherine

Gascon Horsemanship Clinic in Kentucky

Gascon Horsemanship and HOrse Haven Paso finos Kentucky clinic

Thanks Kentucky!!Glad to come teach Gascon Horsemanship® to such wonderful horsey people! A big thanks also to Linda Joiner Of Samara Stables for Putting on such a incredible clinic. It was a absolute blast doing a Gascon Horsemanship® with you guys! Great horses and great people..... Can't wait to come back next summer and see … Continue reading Gascon Horsemanship Clinic in Kentucky

Horse Haven News!

Michael Gascon and the Gascon Family winning big at Paso Fino Grand Nationals

Posted on March 24, 2017 God Bless America!! The Gascon family and Horse Haven Ranch is proud to live and work in the greatest country on earth. A country where one family, working together with a common dream can move mountains. We have been blessed in our lives with fantastic kids, Amazing clients, Some truly … Continue reading Horse Haven News!