Horse Haven Paso Finos 400 years of Horse experience

The Gascon Family has been involved in horses for over 400 YEARS.  They first became interested in the Paso Fino horse around 100 years ago. From the earliest days of the Spanish riding academy the Gascons were breeding and training horses for exhibition. After extensive research on Paso Fino horses and pedigrees, they began making trips to Columbia. There the family fell in love with the compact smooth gaited horses with “brio”.


Enter…… the Paso Fino Horse

One family Legend tells of a buying trip to the interior of Colombia. The Gascon Men were unable to hire local guides or porters from the neighboring ranches. “Senior everyone knows no one that goes up into those mountains ever returns alive.” Rumor held that the Guerillas had established a training camp on the mountainside.  They tolerated no trespassers. Undaunted, Mr. Gascon and his son consolidated and repacked their gear.  With a single local ranch hand, They headed up into the mountains to begin searching for a legendary mare and her foal.  The pair were for sale to anyone brave enough to traverse the treacherous Colombian wilderness to find them. After several weeks the local ranches believed the Gascon’s had met an untimely but predictable end.

In the muggy dusk of a hot midsummer evening, a weary famished group of travelers and horses trudged through the gates of the nearest Hacienda located in the foothills of the mountain. The horses were slick and fat and appeared to be in good health especially the foal that frolicked and played around the group as if to say “LOOK at me! You know I’m the greatest that ever was!” Everyone who saw the foal agreed there was something special about him.


“Little One your destiny is written in the stars….”

The Gascon Boys never told the story of what happened on the side of that mountain, deep in the Colombian interior,

but this much I know to be true: that trip brought back some of the most desirable and influential Paso Fino Horses ever imported into North America. The exquisite mare and foal they traversed Colombia to purchase would become the crown jewel of Horse Haven Paso Finos. Her Grand National Champion sons, daughters and grand sons and daughters grace the barns of HH today.

Decedents of the original horses, purchased in the mountains of Colombia, can still be seen roaming the picturesque rolling hills and pastures of Horse Haven ranch today. These horses and bloodlines have profoundly affected the Paso Fino Horse in North America.

Our Horse Training Philosophy

Horse Haven Paso Finos believes that any horse when started correctly can make a decent riding horse

We use Gentle Gascon Horsemanship® methods to start our colts and restart others that are brought to us for training and retraining.

Once you have the horses attention and respect your half way there. The remainder focuses on Desensitizing and spending time working with the horses. We Believe that the Paso Fino or any horse for that matter, benefits from trail riding and trying new events. Horse Haven Paso Finos Trail rides all of our Show horses.

Whats going on at Horse Haven Paso Finos today?


Promoting, breeding, training, and sharing the Paso Fino Horse!

Our Passion and our Mission is sharing the Paso Fino horse and teaching people to enjoy their horses safely. We attend many PFHA Shows and the Grand National Championship every year to approve our breeding stock. The National show is a great way to meet up with old horsey friends and make new ones. We also participate in many:

  • exhibitions
  • retreats
  • clinics
  • Horse specialty events and fairs
  • colt breaking competitions
  • horse vacations

We Love to both share the Paso Fino Horse and teach people safe and effective Horsemanship.

Gascon Horsemanship

Horse Haven Paso Finos is the Home ranch of the Gascon Horsemanship Academy,   we provide many different educational opportunities including Horsey  Retreats and vacations, Gascon Horsemanship Clinics, Gascon Horsemanship Academy and more…..checkout our events calendar for exact dates and locations.

Horsey Hotel Cabin and RV Hook ups

Come visit the Horse Haven Ranch and stay in our New Western style hotel, Family Apartment, or Private bungalows. We also offer RV hookups as well as spacious clean stalls and roomy paddocks for your horses with Stallion facilities also available.

Call now to make an apt to visit Horse Haven Paso Finos 601-299-0264

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