I would recommend Horse Haven

I would recommend Horse Haven Farm for anyone would like to broaden their knowledge of horses or want to send their horse for training. I can’t say enough good things about the Gascon family. I have seen Michael turn the rankest of horses around. He creates happy horses and happy owners. If you are looking for the perfect horse for the trails or the show pen you must go visit Horse Haven Paso Finos and the Gascon family. They will fit you with a horse that will carry you safely and smoothly for many years and many miles❤️



An amazing family of Honest Educated horsey peeps!

I met the Gascon family when dealing with a big horse dressage that was running over everybody.
They taught me how to handle him and taught him how to behave.
While at their farm I fell in love with the high energy but well trained paso fino horse. I traveled showing my horse with the Gascon family for many years. You won’t find better more honest more hard working horse people anywhere. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Amazing Experience

Took our 9 year old granddaughter to a 2 night, 1 day retreat at the Gascons HOrse Haven Paso Finos. She learned so much and what she was able to accomplish in this time was absolutely amazing. The entire staff was tremendous and the facilities were extremely nice and clean. We stayed in the new hotel. We will be back!!!

A Special Memory….

Sonya A Wms reviewed Horse Haven5 star
I enjoyed being able to watch you live streaming on Facebook. The photo shoot of you with your paso fino horse was fantastic!

A special memory.

Thank your family and you for all you do for other people like my friend, Michelle. I feel connected because of your family ‘s kindness and sharing the love and joy with others.

I feel blessed to have a horse that you worked with…

Laura Anton reviewed Horse Haven5 star
Michael you are incredible! It is unbelievable how you make it look so easy! I feel blessed to have a horse that you worked with and to have learned from you! Anyone who has the opportunity to have Michael work with their horse or attend one of his clinics shouldn’t miss it! It will pay off in spades!

Horse Heaven

Stacy Jones

Don’t you mean Horse Heaven? Great family promoting the Paso Fino breed like no one else. Whether you need a problem horse fixed (no matter what breed) or want to buy a well trained Paso Fino, this is the place to go. Successful businesses treat people fairly, are honest, and appreciate their customers, no matter if they’re million dollar clients or thousand dollar clients.