An amazing family of Honest Educated horsey peeps!

I met the Gascon family when dealing with a big horse dressage that was running over everybody. They taught me how to handle him and taught him how to behave. While at their farm I fell in love with the high energy but well trained paso fino horse. I traveled showing my horse with the … Continue reading An amazing family of Honest Educated horsey peeps!

Amazing Experience

Took our 9 year old granddaughter to a 2 night, 1 day retreat at the Gascons HOrse Haven Paso Finos. She learned so much and what she was able to accomplish in this time was absolutely amazing. The entire staff was tremendous and the facilities were extremely nice and clean. We stayed in the new … Continue reading Amazing Experience

Horse Havens Trainer Michael Gascon is Amazing!

Scott Douglas Ladner reviewed Horse Haven — 5 star Immaculate condition at Horse Haven Paso Finos and the trainer is phenomenal at his job at hand @GasconHorsemanship

The paso fino horses are absolutely Beautiful….

Rose Hargrave Breaux reviewed Horse Haven — 5 star The horses are absolutely beautiful and watching their gait as they showed for us is just incredible. The owner and a staff member were so gracious in showing us these Paso Fino horses from Columbia, South America.

Beautiful facility and family at Horse haven paso finos

Stacy Pate reviewed Horse Haven — 5 star Beautiful Facility and Nice RV hookup sites. A beautiful family runs the place and the hospitality is out of this world! I would definitely recommend and would stay there again.